Returning 2016 Cincinnati, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

The Buckle Up FAQ

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


There will be dozens of ATMs on site during the event. Accepting credit cards will be up to individual vendors. We encourage it, but can't guarantee it.


Working within the parameters of Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove, we will make a best effort to make Buckle Up as accessible as possible. Guests with special needs please email our partners at The Center for Independent Living Options (CILO) as soon as possible.


We want you to enjoy your festival experience so much, we dedicated an entire page to advice. Take a few minutes to read it especially if this is your first music festival.


Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove were never designed for camping. You'll need to pitch your tent and start your campfire a bit farther away from downtown, but there are some great options in the region:


Kentucky (closest options):


Festival gates opening info to come!


For hotels nearest to the event, click here.

For all hotels in Cincinnati USA, click here.

Kid's Ticket Prices

Kids 6 and under will be admitted for free if accompanied by an adult ticket holder. There is not a limit on the number of kids per adult; however, it is at the discretion of the gate staff. Please note that only VIP ticket holders can be in the VIP area.

Name on Ticket

The name on the tickets simply reflects the name under which the ticket was reserved. Buckle Up reserves the right to ask for identification in relation to the tickets, but this should only be necessary if there is a discrepancy with the tickets (i.e. fraudulent activity).

Please note that WHEN YOU BUY A MULTI-DAY TICKET, one wristband is issued for the weekend and cannot be used by another person.

Service Animals

Individuals with disabilities shall be permitted to be accompanied by their service animals in all accessible areas of Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the individual's disability.

Info Center

At both entrances, volunteers will be ready and willing to answer questions you may have in regards to Buckle Up and the Greater Cincinnati area. We really hope you enjoy your time at the park and Cincinnati; a beautiful place that we want to share with you.


Secure lockers are available for rent within the event site. Rent your locker online early before they sell out. Online rental is easy. You receive an email 24 hours before the fest with your locker location, number and lock combination. You will have unlimited access to your locker. 


There are plenty of options for parking near Sawyer Point. Parking at The Banks may be crowded.  Suggested parking is along Eggelston and as far north as the Casino. 

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online, but can also be purchased at the festival gate. Ticket box office opens at 1 p.m. each day of the festival. Ticket prices at the box office are the same as online (taxes and fees apply). Cash and credit accepted. Please note that WHEN YOU BUY A MULTI-DAY TICKET, one wristband is issued for the weekend and cannot be used by another person.

Re-Entry Policy

Re-entry will only be allowed for 3-day ticket holders. As long as you have your 3-day wristband, you can exit and re-enter the event site. Wristbands that have been damaged or tampered with will not be accepted.


Safety is our number one priority. We'll be sure to have plenty of security and a medical staff on hand. We will only allow a certain amount of tomfoolery. If there is a chance that someone might get their eye poked out, then we're going to put an end to it–and may even call your mom.

Tree Climbing is Prohibited

Tree climbing will not be permitted. This is not good for the health of the trees and violators will be arrested.

Ticket Fees

Yes, there are ticket fees. We purposely kept our ticket prices low so it would still be a great deal even with ticket fees. You have the option of buying your ticket at the gate, but there will still be ticketing fees...and a line. So save yourself some time and buy online!

Ticket Policy

Refunds or exchanges are not allowed after a ticket is purchased.

Tickets Are Transferable, Wristbands Are Not

Once you enter the event, your ticket will be taken and you will be issued a wristband. WHEN YOU BUY A MULTI-DAY TICKET, one wristband is issued for the weekend and cannot be used by another person.  In other words, you cannot buy a three-day wristband and give it to another person to wear on a different day. Although tickets are transferable, wristbands are not.